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Posted on December 04 2020

Our Partnership with Centre Eulis...

Centre Eulis is an educative space that helps young Ivorians discover the world through books, workshops and outings. This association exists since April 2017 and it is located in Yopougon district. They organize activities for kids in Yopougon but also some trips in the countryside.

Founded by Tchonte Silue

Tchonte is a young social entrepreneur in education. She is passionate about an education that gives the tools to students to be creative, innovative, and go beyond their limits. Her dream is to change the education system in Cote d'Ivoire and other parts of Africa and make sure that students come out of school as problem solvers. She founded Centre Eulis, a library dedicated to help the Ivorian Youth discover the world.

For any purchase made during the month of December, 10% of the proceeds will go to Eulis Center.


To donate, please contact Tchonte Silue at:

Tel: +225 48 11 54 54

Facebook: centreeulis



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