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Our Philosophy


Extraordinary Beauty Is Abundant in Our Culture:

We combine our heritage with a modern interpretation of beauty to create products that enhance the natural radiance of our customers. Through a series of research and cultural exchange, we're able to bring you extra ordinary beauty that's right at home in your every day life.

About us

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D A Y / N I G H T S E R U M S

Here at SmuvBeauty we are confident that our products will help. Not only work but help you to have that healthy clear skin you have always wanted. We have a variety of products for your face that is sure to help you have that smooth and soft feeling that you desire.

  • Do retinol products make your skin peel?

    Yes, retinol products can make your skin peel. This is a common side effect of using retinol and happens because the product works by exfoliating and removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face. It’s worth noting that this peeling is temporary—your skin will return to normal after about two weeks.

  • How often should I use my vitamin C serum?

    You should use your vitamin C serum morning and night after cleansing. We recommend using it for at least three months before seeing visible results.

  • How do hyaluronic acid and kojic acid combined help my skin?

    Hyaluronic acid and kojic acid have different functions, but they work well together. Hyaluronic acid is a natural humectant that helps your skin retain moisture, while kojic acid reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation to even out the color of your complexion.

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